You have questions???


So, you’re curious? You want to know what we’re all about and what we do. Well it’s pretty simple actually. We help women to find and nurture their inner badass-self through fitness. For so long, you’ve put yourself last and that needs to stop, today! Fitness should be a priority, so many things revolve around AND depend on it. I mean, you only have one “you” that’s it, no second chances.


The how is the best part and that how involves lots and lots of kettlebells! Do your research, the benefits of kettlebells are phenomenal. They are simple, yet effective. Very, very effective!  If you don’t have any kettlebells, get some. If you’re not able to, the next best thing are dumbbells. We also utilize lots of bodyweight exercises. Our workouts only last an average of 30-40 minutes total. That includes warmup and cool down time. You see, we utilize HIIT (high intensity interval training) and quite honestly, it kicks ass. Study after study has shown that long, slow, boring cardio is failing, miserably. It’s simply, ineffective. Trust me I know, I lost 100 pounds by doing interval training 🙂  We start out with a warmup, then a 20-25 minute workout, next (if you’re up for it, a 10 minute super-blast cardio finisher, followed up with a cool down. If you’re interested, I CAN give you an idea of what your workout will never look like 🙂


For our local clients who wish to get their ass kicked in our studio, we are located at 1907 Westmoreland Street. Richmond, Virginia 23230.  Of course the majority of our clients train with us online!


Why should you train with us? It’s simple, we’re different AND we get result! We know first-hand what it takes to get those results. Listen, we’re not here to judge you, we’re here to help you!  Our promise to you is this:

  • To truly give a damn about you AND your results.
  • To stay on your ass, hold you accountable, motivate, support and encourage you!
  • To give you a truly unique, and awesome workout experience without trying to kill you in the process 🙂


Who do we train? Well, I can tell you that we don’t train just anybody! Seriously. One thing that we pride ourselves on is that we will NEVER try to be all things to all people! So, with that, here’s a list of the type of peeps that we generally work with:

  • Women 40+
  • Women Who Are Overweight/Obese
  • Women Who Are Committed
  • Women Who Enjoy Life And Have A Positive Attitude

Hit Us Up Girl!

1907 Westmoreland Street
Richmond, Virginia 23230
E-mail:  laurie@pirategirlfitness.com
Tel: 804-525-8895