IN-Studio Training

IN-Studio Training

If you live in the Richmond area and you’re the type that really has to have someone give you that extra motivation, come on in and visit me! The one thing that ladies like about the studio is the privacy. It’s not like being at a gym with a dozen eyes on you. That sucks, I know personally and I would never want to have to do it again! And, I don’t want it for you either. This is YOUR time, no audience, no pressure, just you, me and some kettlebells 🙂

So, here’s how it works:

• First you come in for a free consult to see if we’re a good fit. I mean, I’ll be honest, I don’t work with just anyone (seriously, no joke!) That being said, I may not be for you either. My personal time is very limited as far as the one-on-one sessions and therefore I only work with ladies that are committed, nonjudgmental, have a sense of humor. Do YOU fit these criteria? Great!
• We’ll do a fitness assessment. Let’s do some measurements, strength and flexibility testing, posture assessment and talk about and list some goals.
• We’ll also talk about food, in which we promote the Paleo Diet more than any other.
• We’ll also talk about other things of significance to your overall fitness such as meditation, stretching, self-love and lots of other good stuff. It’s NOT just about the workout!
• We’ll set you up with Trainerize, our online training software that you can utilize on your “off” days. It will contain all of your measurements, workout calendar, etc. This software works on all platforms, iPhone, iPad, PC, etc. In other words, you can work out whenever and wherever you are. I give it to all of my In-Studio clients who see me on a monthly bases, as a bonus.
• Just so you know, there are NO machines here 🙂 Mostly kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and medicine balls. I believe muscle is where it’s at (not hulky-like, ok?) and cardio machines aren’t going to cut it! We’ll discuss why building muscle is SO important.

After your free consult with me, if we’re a good fit for each other, you must decide if you’re ready to commit! Honestly, one session is not a commitment. So, here’s how I work it. We look at the calendar for the month and pick the days that work for the two of us. I do require that my girls come in at least one time per week (I understand things come up, illness, vacation, etc.) My recommended amount is 3 times per week if you’re the type that simply will not work out on your own. So here’s a breakdown:
1-4 sessions= 55.00 per session
5-9 sessions= 50.00 per session
10+ sessions= 45.00 per session
*sessions last approximately 45 minutes-1 hour

Small group training add 10.00 per individual to your session price.
Example: if you purchase 10 sessions at 45.00 each and you add 1 more person it would be 55.00 per session. 55.00 divided by 2 people=27.50 per session.