If you live in the Richmond, VA area and you really need to have someone give you that extra motivation…

If you would rather work out without the dozens of eyes and judges all around you…

If you want your own personal cheerleader who’s “been there” and never been a cheerleader…

So, what are you waiting for? A personal invitation? This is it!

Now what?

• First call or email to make an appointment for a free consultation to see if we fit. I only work with ladies who are committed. Are you committed? Keep reading!

• We’ll discuss why building muscle is important for women and why cardio machines aren’t going to cut it! There are NO boring machines here. And boring is NOT fun.

• We’ll do a fitness assessment, measurements, strength and flexibility testing, posture assessment and talk about goals.

• We’ll talk about food.

• We’ll also talk about other things important to your overall fitness such as meditation, stretching, self-love and lots of other good stuff. It’s NOT just about the workout!

Are you ready to commit? Awesome!

Grab your calendar! It’s time to schedule days and times that work for the next month. I do require at least one time per week. For best results, I recommend THREE times per week.

Single Sessions
1-4 sessions= 55.00 per session
5-9 sessions= 50.00 per session
10+ sessions = 45.00 per session
*sessions last approximately 45 minutes-1 hour

Small group training + $10/session for each additional person. Maximum 3 total.
Example:10 sessions x $45 +1 person =$55 per session. 55.00 divided by 2 people = 27.50 per session.

As a free BONUS to In-Studio clients, we set you up with Trainerize, an online training platform. You can use this on your “off” days, keep track of measurements, keep a workout calendar and more! Trainerize works on all devices, so you can keep it with you wherever you are.